Subtitles Malware Security – Explained By Semalt Expert

Extension files are the most common types of data that we use nowadays. There are a lot of websites where these files are available in a large number. Some other forms of files are text, jpg, png, and pdf files. It is believed that all of such files contain no viruses, which means they come in scanned form and are computer-friendly. However, some hackers might send you such files with lots of viruses and malware attached. They use such systems to steal your personal information and transfer money from one bank to another. In recent months, a lot of cases have been reported when attackers have sent extension and text files to random email ID, controlling the computer systems of a vast number of people.

Frank Abagnale, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, defines what subtitles malware is and how to avoid it.

Subtitle Files

Getting viruses from subtitle files is strange to computer users. Most of them don't even know that their systems have been affected by malware and viruses. It's true that the subtitle files don't cause any problem, they start a series of damages when a hacker accesses your computer without your permission.

One of the most common types of attacks is through media players. If you see pop-up windows that ask you to install or download media files, you should keep yourself away from that. Once installed, all of your subtitle files will work through the media players and can grant your system's access to the hackers. It would not be wrong to say that 25 subtitle file types, including media player files, can make you feel sad as hackers access your data through these files. The worst is when your trusted files and antivirus software cause problems for your computer, slowing down its function and causing lots of security issues.

Who Does this Affect?

As of now, there are a large number of less-known media players that might affect your computer directly or indirectly. Checkpoint says that Popcorn, VLC, Stremio, and Kodi are the most famous video players that are vulnerable to such attacks. If you download and install any of these players, there are chances that they will affect both your computer system and your subtitle files. After that, scanning of the whole system and installing powerful antivirus software would not help at all. It mainly happens when people try to update their computer devices.

How Does the Attack Work?

Hackers get access to your systems by sending you subtitle files, movies, popular songs, and other media players through emails, and ask you to insert codes into the given boxes. Once you insert those codes, they can easily access your computer devices. They often access victims' devices when they install subtitle files in a large number. You should not rate or abuse the systems on said repositories as the hackers can send malware and viruses to your computer systems. Most often, the victims download and install different media players to their systems from unknown sources. That is done either by giving particular commands or installing the top-notch subtitle files on specific devices. Once you run those files, you may lose your sensitive information as these files grant hackers access to your computer systems.

How to Avoid Subtitles Malware?

If you want to stay safe on the internet, you should download and install the media players only from the trusted websites. You can update your players but make sure you have run an antivirus before that. Checkpoint has reported that different media players can cause different problems to a computer device, so they should be installed and downloaded from the authentic and legitimate sources only. You should be careful while downloading a subtitle file. You should not download files that come from suspicious websites and social media profiles. It is also important that you don't depend on automatic subtitles and media players as they may install malicious files and items to your system. While using Netflix and Amazon Prime like big websites, there is no risk of malware as their media files are fully scanned and save for your computer systems.


When you install or download basic subtitle files, they open the doors for hackers to access your computer devices and smartphones. So, it is important that you keep your videos, media players and other things updated only when you are confident that they have not come from non-legitimate sources.

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